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This site is a joint initiative of a number of Dutch and Belgian owners who possess a private villa in Bali.

Prospective tenants surf hours for a suitable location and regularly fish behind the net because the location is already occupied. By combining the rental of the villa's it creates more know-how for the landlord and  more options for the prospective tenant. The prospective tenants don't have to go searching for all kinds of possibilities, we have already done that for you!!

In one mail you receive an overview what is still free in the period you want. Possibilities for a villa in the South, the North and in the middle of Bali or a combination of several villas on Bali.

All the villa-owners attached to this site think it is of great importance to maintenance the villa and the establishment. They all have the services of a staff. All villas have a private pool and are located directly on the beach or within a very short distance from the beach. There are villas for 2 to 12 people, with a large garden, small playground, and swimming pool with or without jacuzzi etc. By this large, joint offer, it is possible to offer larger families and/or companies an unforgettable holiday. Various villas (in the North) are within a radius of 400 metres from each other.

Bookings for all villas on this site can be made via bookings and information.