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About Bali


The island of Bali lies east of Java, separated by Bali Strait and covers an area of 5633km2. The island is  as big as the province of North Brabant. Ngurah Rai International Airport is not far from Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Bali has around 3 million inhabitants. The island has a rich flora and fauna. There are many unspoiled areas and some of them are even officially protected. Bali is an ideal place for nature-and culture lovers. (especially the North of Bali)

Most Balinese are Hindu (90%). Anywhere on Bali you will encounter with animistic customs and a belief in the supernatural. The architecture of the temples and the villages reflects centuries of ancients worship services.

Animism and ancestor worship play a large role in life on Bali. The Balinese term "sekala niskala" (visible-invisible) expresses the idea that the physical world is aware of a spiritual world. The spirits, loosely defined as "Gods" and "demons", are almost everywhere honoured with offerings made of flowers and other materials. The invisible world is represented in numerous vibrant symbols. Ancestors have a divine status and are honored at home and clan temples.

There are tens of thousands of temples in Bali, the House temples also counted perhaps even 200,000. All villas also have one or more small temples where the staff offers several times a day.

The holy days in Bali are often occasion for lavish festivities. They are determined according to the lunar calendar or the 210-day Balinese calendar. Odalan are annual temple festivals which are celebrated at different times. There will always be a temple celebration somewhere. Initiation rituals and other religious holidays are usually celebrated at home with guests in the family Temple. Odalan and cremations are even accesible for outsiders.

Every day the sun shines on Bali. During the year the number of daylight hours is fairly constant since Bali is close to the equator. The days and nights last about as long. Average the sun shines 7 hours per day. The temperature is around 30 degrees with a fairly high humidity.

Bali is also known for its traditional dance and drama, painting (Ubud), crafts and textiles.

Bali is an island without noise and crowds. Certainly the middle and northern parts of Bali. There is still time for rest and relaxation. The Balinese are known for their pelan pelan. (easy/slowly) and Jam Karet (elastic time) However, the kindness of the Balinese inhabitants is world famous.